Reduce Car Insurance Rates even with a Bad Credit Record

The majority of insurance companies in the UK consider an applicantís credit report when giving car insurance quotes. Drivers with a not-so-impressive credit report often get denied insurance cover on account of their bad credit payment habits. Times are hard for everyone and among the worst hit industries is the insurance industry. A number of them have done away with the good credit report requirement in a bid to attract more customers. There are those with affordable rates and there are those that charge you a lot, more like a punishment for your poor credit report. Unfortunately, we all fall into the bad credit books once in a while. There are steps you can take if you are in this situation to ensure that you do not miss out on insurance, which is a risk on its own.

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First, get a current copy of your credit report. Go through it carefully, checking for errors. Errors in credit reports are as old as the system itself. They can be due to computer errors or wrong human input. If you notice an error, get an accredited credit report company to check its origin and rectify it. The company that gave you the credit report can do this for you. In good time, the error will be sorted out and you will be in good books once again.

If you are not lucky enough to find errors, you will have to find yourself a no credit report car insurance provider. These companies are there. A search on the internet will unearth them. Alternatively, you can consult an insurance broker or the insurance regulatory agency for a list of top insurance companies providing no credit check insurance. Most of them will have more or less the same range of rates so you wonít have a hard time when choosing. Still, it helps to compare quotes as inevitably; there will be one with slightly lower rates than all others. Thatís the company to go for. A word of caution when choosing a provider here: ensure that the company is trustworthy. It is bad enough to have a bad credit report clinging on you; you do not need a company that goes under when you get into an accident.

Once you are approved for insurance cover, aim to increase your credit score as quickly as possible. This will mean making timely payments on bills, loan payments and insurance premiums. Thankfully, bad credit is only a short term thing so you should get over it in a short time. Immediately your credit is repaired, let your insurance provider know so they can adjust your rates accordingly.

Other things you can do in the meantime are driving carefully and keeping your risk as low as possible. You cannot afford to attract points or get into an accident at this time. Similarly, filing a claim is a bad idea. If remaining incident free means driving less, so be it. Ensure that your car is ever parked in a secure location, if possible in a lock-up garage.

Follow these points and it will only be a matter of time before you begin to enjoy regular rates, discounts and all.