Short Term Car Insurance in the UK

If you are looking for cheap car insurance try a low cost insurance site like . However, you may need short term car insurance instead, for a number of reasons. It may be that you are back in the country for a short stint, you may have bought a car and are yet to shop for the perfect long term car insurance policy, you may be giving your car to a friend to use for a while, you may not have adequate insurance on your car yet to use it for travel or you may be going to a far off place and need to be insured during the trip. As you can see, there are many reasons why one can take up a short term car insurance policy.

The best part in this type of cover is that it has the least involving application and approval process. Basically, there are only a few essential requirements you must meet in order to get short term car insurance. These are: be between 21 and 75 years of age, have a valid UK driversí license, have a clean driving record and no more than 6 or 8 points accumulated over the last three years. The number of points varies from one provider to another so you may need to shop around first especially if you have a high number of points.

Because you will only drive for a short period of time, insurance companies are not worried about risk of accidents. If anything the risk is lower than that of a driver with a long term policy. The insurer can therefore afford to give you much lower rates. Parents who are worried that listing their children on their policy will raise their rates can get them a short term policy instead. It is a cheaper option.

There are numerous advantages of having a short tem car insurance policy:

- Because of the straight forward approval process, one can apply and receive their stamp of approval online. All it takes is you simply logging online and checking out companies offering this policy. Send your quote request and fill out the application request form. When approved, you can pay for your cover and get the print version of your policy instantly.

- Your cover takes effect instantly. There is no waiting period as happens with longer term insurance policies.

- A short term car insurance policy does not affect your No Claims Discount or Bonus. Even if you get into an accident while under this cover, it will not have an effect on your NCD as the accident is registered under the short term policy, which is separate from your regular insurance policy.

- The coverage level is very flexible. You can get as much or as little as your needs dictate. The beauty of the short term car cover is its ability to be tailor-made to your specifications. You are also at liberty to take the insurance for as short or long a time duration as you wish. Policies are available for one day to 28 days but longer periods are also accommodated.

A short term car insurance policy keeps you covered regardless of where you go; and you donít compromise your safety and that of your car.